The Catastrophic Catalogue of Binge-Watching

“Bereft of self-love and care, I unfold each chapter of this story craving for love; The more I consume the romantic saga, the more I sink in solitude.”

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Lately, I have been watching a lot of Turkish dramas which are all about love. It was only a few days ago when I admitted the fact that I am so much attracted to these shows because I feel they have become an escape for me from reality. The way love birds do anything and everything to even catch a glance of their partner forces me to think ‘Will I ever be loved just the same?’

These romantic dramas and movies make it vague in our heads about what are real and reel lives. Besides this, they also make us question if life does act magically so much.

While my cousin and I were gossiping about these shows, I asked her ‘Do you ever feel that such romantic things will ever happen with you?’ Sadly, her reply made me think and re-think about the consequences an apparently harmless drama could bring in one’s life. She told me that she has befriended the fact that no one would love her as they do in TV shows because she is not half as beautiful as the actresses. She even went on to disclose her insecurities related to her skin, colour, and weight.

In the race of consuming more and more content, we sometimes forget that we have a different life and a completely different lifestyle. We try to connect and find similarities with the on-screen characters. Unfortunately, this race makes us think we are equivalent to dirt and life is not treating us well. But, after having thoughts about wanting to be loved just the same, I have realised that love in real life is more beautiful than the reel one.

While losing sleep, strained eyes, etc. are some common consequences of binge-watching, let’s peep into the masked effects of it on your mind.

1. Make-Belief World

Diving into a fanciful world tricks your mind and due to watching shows and series incessantly, you take all of this to be a reality. You crave the magic and action in your life that you find on-screen. It may bring you temporary happiness and escape from the stark reality of life but may also leave a permanent scar on your confidence.

2. Comparison

The more you watch, the more your mind works on drawing similarities, and the more you will end up comparing yourself with the on-screen characters. Many times, this is the time when you will realise that the person on the screen is more abled and blessed than you are.

3. Habits

Just when you realise and degrade yourself internally by telling yourself that your life is not as happening as it happens in the whimsical world, you will try to adopt the habits of the people involved in fictional stories. During the phase of transition, you may not realise that these habits are practically never gonna work or give positive results. The characters in movies are planned in a manner that people imbibe their style statements, this would only benefit the makers in making money and less likely to give out positive outcomes to the viewers.

4. Insecurities

The more you try to compare and adapt to the peppy norms of the showbiz world, the more you will find your soul feeling aloof from the happenings of the world around you. You will unnecessarily call yourself names and walk-over your charming personality. Constant self-loathing will tear your soul, one part at a time, and the day you realise this, it would be too late to get back the time that flew in a puff of polluted air.

5. Detachment from the loved-ones and an ungrateful attitude

Entering a new world frequently, a world that is conceptualised and too fancy for real life, makes you contemplate the people and surroundings of your life. If this happens, you will certainly be ungrateful for everything that is happening around you. Even the people you once cared for the most would lose their position on the priority list simply because you are too fascinated with the world you see on the screen.

Post-Binge-Watching Depression (PBWD) is real and people around us could be suffering from it. Therefore, a conscious and mindful choice about what to watch, when to watch, and how much to watch will go a long way in keeping your peace of mind intact.




The more I write, the more I learn about myself.

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Nikita Menghani

Nikita Menghani

The more I write, the more I learn about myself.

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